The final installment of the Blacksod blogs

This is the final post of our stay at Blacksod. I said I had taken a lot of photos in our two weeks stay… I wasn’t lying. Jacob and I have just three days left on our three month journey. We are in lovely Kinsale at the moment and will be headed to Cork tomorrow.

Anyway, while at Leim Siar B&B Hannah was lovely enough to teach me how to make traditional Irish brown bread and Irish scones. For those of you who know me know that I am an avid baker. These two great treats are definitely being added to my repertoire:

I’ve mentioned before that Jacob and went on many walks while there. Here are some photos of a walk we took out to this lovely beach: 

I found this perfectly white stone which Jacob thought looked like a kidney. Here he is demonstrating: 

These little sandpipers were so fun to watch. I love how they scurry towards and away from the waves as fast as possible to feed:

Jacob with some smelly kelp: 

There was great surf out in the area. Poor Jacob just had to admire the waves though…

On another walk, Jacob and I went out to this holy well: 

On our last day when Hannah was taking us to the bus stop, we made some quick last minute photo stops to capture just a few more lovely scenes of Belmullet Peninsula: 

Thanks again to our hosts Hannah and Gerry. While it wasn’t a planned stop on our trip, we are so glad that we were able to spend some time in the lovely area you call home. We will definitely be back one day to explore again.


About Madeline Dickerson

I am a recent graduate of the University of Oregon with Bachelor of Arts degrees in magazine journalism and cinema studies. I am currently interning at the "Chinook Observer" in Long Beach, Washington. I plan on pursuing a career in photojournalism and reporting.
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6 Responses to The final installment of the Blacksod blogs

  1. Priscilla Moore says:

    Wonderful pictures Madeline! Jacob, the “kideny” stone is great and the kelp….that brings back a few memories. In fact, you have that same look in your eyes.:)
    Your breads look delicious Madeline, and its great you were able to get the goods from Hannah!
    I’m falling asleep, the woodstove is a little warm…
    Your countdown has begun, safe travels!

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  3. This is a great post and I really enjoyed reading it. I’ll have to check back soon to see what else is going on. Thanks!

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